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Samsung HDDs - where there is no compromise on performance, capacity and reliability.


Samsung Wireless

The ideal accessory for your tablet, smartphone, or PC.

  • Streams movies, music and photos
  • Share your media with others
  • Charges mobile devices
  • 7 hour battery life

samsung wireless

M3 Portable
External Drive

Designed to securely store up to 4TB of photos, movies, music or other data.

  • Handy portable storage
  • Durable matte design
  • SafetyKey™ protection for your data

m3 portable

P3 Portable
External Drive

Offers a storage capacity up to 4TB with a thin, graceful design.

  • AutoBackup personal backup solution
  • Secure Drive for data security
  • SuperSpeed USB 3 Cable

p3 portable
  • Capacity 750 MOVIES
  • Capacity 500GB — 4TB
  • Capacity 500GB — 4TB

D3 Station
Desktop Drive

Provides up to 6TB of desktop storage for all of your music, videos and photos.

  • AutoBackup personal backup solution
  • Secure Drive for data security
  • SuperSpeed USB 3 Cable

d3 station external drive
  • Capacity 2TB — 6TB

Spinpoint M8
Video Drive

High-capacity hard drive optimized for video recording and playback.

  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • Capacities up to 1TB
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface and microactuation to ensure fast, consistent hard drive performance
  • NoiseGuard™ and SilentSeek™ deliver ultra-quiet operation.

samsung m8

Spinpoint D8X
Laptop Drive

Delivers high capacity in a thin design. The ideal solution for external and mobile applications.

  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • Thickness 9.5mm
  • 7200 RPM spin speed
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface and microactuation
  • NoiseGuard™ and SilentSeek™

samsung m8

Spinpoint M8
Laptop Drive

Offers up to 1TB drive capacity with:

  • SATA interface
  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • Thickness 9.5mm
  • 5400 RPM spin speed

samsung m8
  • Capacity 500GB — 1TB
  • Capacity 500GB — 1TB
  • Capacity 250GB — 1TB

Spinpoint M9T
Internal Drive

Laptop and Desktop Upgrade Drive

  • SATA interface
  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • Thickness 9.5mm
  • 5400 RPM spin speed

samsung m8
  • Capacity 1.5TB and 2TB

Seagate Samsung Drive Cross Reference Guide

Hard Drive Capacity(GB) Seagate Model Number Samsung Model Number
S2 Portable USB 2.0 500 STSHX-MU050DA HX-MU050DA/G2
S2 Portable USB 2.0 1000 STSHX-MUD10EA HX-MUD10EA/G22
S2 Portable USB 3.0 500 STSHX-MT050DA HX-MT050DA/G22
S2 Portable USB 3.0 1000 STSHX-MTD10EA HX-MTD10EA/G22
Spinpoint M7E 160 ST160LM000 HM161GI
Spinpoint M7E 250 ST250LM000 HM251HI
Spinpoint M7E 320 ST320LM000 HM321HI
Spinpoint M7E 500 ST500LM011 HM501II
Spinpoint M7E 640 ST640LM000 HM641JI
Spinpoint M8 1000 ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB
Spinpoint M8 160 ST160LM003 HN-M160MBB
Spinpoint M8 250 ST250LM004 HN-M250MBB
Spinpoint M8 320 ST320LM001 HN-M320MBB
Spinpoint M8 500 ST500LM012 HN-M500MBB
Spinpoint M8 640 ST640LM001 HN-M640MBB
Spinpoint M8 750 ST750LM022 HN-M750MBB
Spinpoint M8E 1000 ST1000LM026 HN-M101XBB
Spinpoint M8E 500 ST500LM016 HN-M500XBB
Spinpoint M8E 1000 ST1000LM025 HN-M101ABB
Spinpoint M8E 500 ST500LM014 HN-M500ABB
Spinpoint F3 1000 ST1000DL004 HD105SI
Spinpoint F3 1000 ST1000DM005 HD103SJ
Spinpoint F3 160 ST160DM000 HD163GJ
Spinpoint F3 250 ST250DM001 HD253GJ
Spinpoint F3 500 ST500DL001 HD503HI
Spinpoint F3 500 ST500DM005 HD502HJ
Spinpoint F4 250 ST250DM001 HD256GJ
Spinpoint F4 320 ST320DM001 HD322GJ
Spinpoint F4 320 ST320DM001 HD323HJ
Spinpoint F4EG 1000 ST1000DL003 HD103SI
Spinpoint F4EG 2000 ST2000DL004 HD204UI
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